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We offer full interior design and architectural services from pre-design to project management and construction, furniture consultation, kitchen design, space planning, exhibition and tradeshow design and furnishing packages for residential, commercial, hospitality and exhibition/trade show projects.  
Our team includes professional interior designers, architects and industrial designers with national and international experience; these world famous designers will create extraordinary environments for you.
At Deximex we understand your culture and values. Our international design team is able to communicate with you in English, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, French and German.

Who we are

Deximex is an architectural and design firm, comprising of a team of talented architects, interior designers and industrial designers whose work is dedicated to everyone who enjoys a dynamic and unique lifestyle. 

Our team members have many high profile projects in their portfolio, such as interior design for the Academy Restaurant in Dubai, Louis Vuitton (global store at star hill) in Malaysia and the Sheraton Xian in China, as well as many high-end homes for the rich and famous around the globe.

Electrical Consultants

We have a team of very professional consultants who are experts on both local and international standards and are used to luxury living needs and benefits when it comes to smarthome installations

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E-mail: info@deximex.com

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